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Mini Trooper

Wires Gone. Secure Any Angle.

The Mini Trooper HD security camera has absolutely no wires so it looks sleeker and can help you secure any angle. Weatherproof and rugged, it provides maximum performance year round, both indoors and outdoors.
High Dynamic Algorithm Video Technology
Battery Life Up To 9 Months
Weatherproof for Outdoor Operation
Completely Wire-Free with Wi-Fi Setup
Audio Recording
Night Vision
Motion Alerts
Local Storage up to 128GB with MicroSD Card

Remember that area your wired camera couldn't reach? Not a problem, anymore. Now you can secure almost any angle, indoors or outdoors, with the Wire-Free/Battery Operated Mini Trooper.

Predictive Encoding

Delivers superior video quality by prioritizing moving objects in forefront with high resolution detail using spatial-domain and time-based smart digitization.

Unrivaled HD Video and Visual Quality

EZVIZ has a legacy of Unrivaled HD Quality. Our patent pending High Dynamic Algorithm (HDα) video delivers clear resolution unlike any other HD camera on the market. The Mini Trooper provides the sharpest imagery, all day long.

  • Multilayer security and end-to-end video encryption keep video safe.

  • Easily access live view, video and photos anytime with the EZVIZ App.

  • The Base Station stores video and photos securely up to 128GB with a MicroSD card.

View Anytime, Anywhere with the EZVIZ App

Each Mini Trooper Base Station supports up to 6 cameras. With our Unified Mobile App, you can view and manage all EZVIZ devices – wired, wireless and wire-free – from the palm of your hand.

Security at Your Fingertips

With EZVIZ app or EZVIZ Studio, you can protect, capture, save and share what's valuable to you.

  • Live View
  • Real-Time Talk
  • Instant Alerts
  • Video History
  • Up to 8x Zoom
  • Smart Home Enabled